Come Stay With Us!

We know time spent away from home can be fun but it can also be stressful, especially if you have to arrange care for your pets. Well, let us help you ease those concerns! Our practice offers pet boarding so that you can get away and feel secure knowing that your pets are being cared for by dedicated, professionally trained caregivers.Cat boarding at VCE

We will care for dogs, cats, and exotics in our clean, climate-controlled facility. Cats are housed in an area separate from their canine friends so they can have the peace and quiet they prefer.

Dogs have several different kennel options, including full-size runs that include individual indoor/outdoor spaces. Dogs will get the opportunity to have individual outdoor time in our attached secured fenced-in yard at least twice a day.

What We Provide

Our clinic can provide all the comfortable bedding they need or you are welcome to bring their own bedding from home as long as it is washable.

We will provide veterinary-approved high-quality food designed to be gentle for sensitive stomachs or you may bring your own pet's diet from home and our kennel team will make sure they get their diet from home. Feel free to provide any special treats you want us to spoil them with. Don’t worry if you forget to bring snacks during the chaos of packing for travel, we’ll be happy to provide some from our own supplies.

Dog Boarding at VCEGet the added benefit of a veterinarian and medical team ready to care for your pet if additional medical treatments are necessary. We can care for any ongoing health concerns, do annual exams and vaccines or care for your pet in the unlikely event that they become ill during their time with us.

We want to make sure you feel comfortable with us and our team so if you are unfamiliar with our boarding or medical services, we welcome you to come down and meet with us so we can directly answer any questions or concerns!

Requirements For Your Pet's Stay

All pets in our facility are required to be up to date on vaccines with proof (if needed we can update these during their stay). Also, all pets are required to be parasite free in order to keep everyone healthy.

We look forward to caring for your furry family members while you are away!