Welcome to the Bow Wow Pet Boutique located at The Vet Clinic East.

Nissa Ebert is a Master Groomer that has been grooming for over 20 years and has been associated with The Vet Clinic East since 2012. Your pets will feel luxurious and pampered after getting their baths and breed-specific grooms done! She loves working on any size pet and even grooms cats which is a rarity in the grooming field!

She loves to offer additional services such as:

  • Medical grooms
  • Puppy grooms
  • Personalized one-on-one grooms with the owner present
  • Creative grooming styles
  • Educational nail trimming services
  • And even complimentary seasonal photos to show off your pets’ new hairdo!

As an added benefit, if your pet needs any veterinary services or if any medical issues are found during the groom, the vet clinic is available and willing to help!

You can rest assured that your pet will receive individualized gentle care while getting their salon experience from Nissa. Stop by the shop to say hello and ask any questions you may have…she loves meeting new pets and their people!

*Short or tall * Big or Small * Canine or Feline* We groom them all*

Call or text 614-501-7387 (PETS) to get the grooming shop directly or The Vet Clinic East can redirect questions or calls if contacting them.